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Notice Freelancer

Notice Freelancer


You write your first draft with your heart and rewrite with your head. The first key to writing... is to write, not to think. - William Forrester


Notice accepts submissions from freelance writers, journalists and bloggers. Any stories on this website that are not written by Notice's regular contributors are posted under the generic freelancer account. Because part of Notice's mission is to build the reputation and visibility of our contributors, a small bio is always included at the bottom of every freelance writer's story. The freelancer writer is a special kind of person who enjoys the freedom and privilege that come with being a hired gun. Notice embraces such people, because there is a little maverick in all of us. When a freelancer graduates into a regular contributor, they are given their own profile page. But before this can happen, a secret ritual must be performed in a dark alley. Not to give everything away, it often includes chocolate, a fountain pen and a Lionel Richie vinyl record.

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